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Money Follows A Person - Shared screen with speaker view
Anne Womer
Welcome Everyone! You can post your questions for the Q&A here
irving rivera
Hi to everyone! I'm the DSS Connecticut MFP Demonstration. And, as we speak I'm screening four MFP cases this afternoon while listening to your Webinar. I'll keep listening as I work. Bye.
Steven Chang
The PPT did not go to next slide times 2 now.
Brandeis University
steven, please check your internet connection
John Sorensen
are we muted?
John Sorensen
Hello Carol
Anne Womer
Hi John, given the high number of attendees the audio for attendees is muted. You can communicate with panelists through our chat function and pose questions for the Q&A here
Anne Womer
Hi Debbie,Carol spoke on this a bit but these are the 6 autonomous areas: (1) Can you go to bed when you want?, (2) Can you be by yourself when you want to?, (3) When you are at home, can you eat when you want to?, (4) Can you choose the foods that you eat?, (5) Can you talk on the telephone without someone listening in?, and (6) Can you watch TV when you want to?. The quality of sleep question was Can you get the sleep you need without noises or other disturbances where you live?
John Sorensen
Understand that original applicants overspeculated extremely as to how many transitions they expected to perform. Once they began building their programs they found all of the internal process gaps they were unaware of. Once these original applicants got up and running later grantees were able to ramp up much more quickly based upon the learnings of the original grantees.
John Sorensen
FL was awarded but then decided not to participate and their award was recinded
Anne Womer
Hi Erie,We have sent the slides to all of those who registered. However both the slides (in an accessible pdf) and a recording of this webinar will be posted on www.communitylivingpolicy.org doon after its conclusion.
Rebecca Underwood
For the IDD population, is the decline in institutional use due more to closed admission policies than choice for HCBS?
John Sorensen
My belief is that success is dependant upon the state's level of commitment
Anne Womer
excellent Debbie thank you! if you post on Twitter be sure to tag us at @CLPolicy :)
Rebecca Underwood
Statistics indicate that at least 75% of Medicaid funding for the IDD population is already utilized in community programs/settings. When will "rebalancing" for this population be considered complete?
irving rivera
Me (the guy) from CT DSS Central Office MFP again! While listening I just finished screening two cases, my fellow workers as we speak (it's seven of us) are flipping Medicaid coverage at their desks too. MFP in CT is so busy we are now ranking the highest in terms of non - I/DD transitions per State's population in Kaye's report page 4. Which was discussed in our AM meeting today. The feedback from the consumers is amazing, too. MFP is a success in CT, as in the four cases I'm screening today average monthly NH costs of 7K each to the State. Bye, I'm working as I listen.
John Sorensen
John Sorensen
There were internal issues with the program in OR
John Sorensen
John Sorensen
Steve Kaye
Debbie Toth, email me at steve.kaye@ucsf.edu
Anne Womer
Hi Willis,The recording of this webinar as well as an accessible pdf of these slides will be posted on www.communitylivingpolicy.org soon after our conclusion.
Anne Womer
Thank you for attending everyone! Please take some time to give us your feedback:https://brandeis.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_3I6kXlzQ50WpqdL
Debbie Toth
Congrats on a fabulous Webinar and thanks for all the great info and for your work to help us save this awesome program!