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Crop Dusting - Shared screen with speaker view
Penny (FAASTeam Rep)
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Penny (FAASTeam Rep)
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EAA106 Chapter
How do you adjust your patterns when you have multiple windmills in the fields?
EAA106 Chapter
What's your ideal height above the field when applying.
EAA106 Chapter
That last picture is a pretty big airplane (AN-2?); what's the largest aircraft(s) used for crop dusting?
Ken Knopp
How big of a concern are bird strikes in ag operations?
Ken Knopp
What is your target speed during application?
Penny (FAASTeam Rep)
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Ken Knopp
How many Gs are you pulling in your turns? Does this changed based on you load (weight)?
Mark Hodgson
Great presentation—thank you!