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Pew 2020 Study of the American Jewish Community: A Socio-Demographic Analysis - Shared screen with speaker view
Michelle Shain
Len, the original email said 8-10 but that's going to make this really long.
Judit Bokser Liwerant
We will register the question but continue our order
Michelle Shain
I'll stay to 5 mins, too
Judit Bokser Liwerant
Thank you Michel and Len…Open to the next session
Michelle Shain
I think I'm last
Harriet Hartman
Sorry, Michelle I forgot I wasn’t last
Michelle Shain
no worries!
Alan Cooperman
Harriet raised a great question about differences in responses pre and post-pandemic. Becka has put a flag in the dataset for responses that came in after March 15. But there is a confound: most of the completions of the extended questionnaire that were ON PAPER came in after March15, whereas most of the ONLINE responses came in before March 15. We have looked at a few variables, including synagogue attendance, which so far don't show much difference before and after the pandemic. But there is lots more to look at.
Bethamie Horowitz
Unfortunately I have to leave. I have NYU doctoral graduation at 2 PM— I’m playing a role in running that session. It’s been delight to participate.
Harriet Hartman
Great panel—thanks to each and everyone!
Len Saxe
Judit,Thank you!